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12. DDL warez   (2014-11-09 11:44 AM) E-mail
thanks for your site its great

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11. Rooplerly   (2012-09-22 1:55 PM) E-mail
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10. Insugkees   (2012-08-20 10:29 AM) E-mail
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9. raicerieria   (2012-07-21 8:54 AM) E-mail
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8. Natashavor   (2012-02-01 6:54 PM) E-mail
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7. lallabay   (2009-12-13 9:54 AM) E-mail
not working ung toolss.hahah

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6. exaflare23   (2009-11-29 10:31 PM)
i was a former tantra beta player diyana server

anung bgong cheat naun?

ung param ba meron pa?

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5. sami venezuela [samil]   (2009-07-01 7:37 PM) E-mail

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4. Akatzki   (2009-06-30 8:31 PM) E-mail
How did u built the site?
Paturo naman oh

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3. sami venezuela [samil]   (2009-06-29 8:28 PM) E-mail
hahah. .mabgal tlaga sa loading ung chatbox

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2. cyberxx geh [arterio]   (2009-06-29 8:15 PM)
weeeeeeeeeeeee tongue tongue tongue tongue

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1. sami xp [samil]   (2009-06-29 10:02 AM)
testing cry cry cry cry


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