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Main » 2009 » December » 16 » Farmville Cheat - Stealing From Neighbors
5:48 PM
Farmville Cheat - Stealing From Neighbors

You want some villa or a great item that you can’t afford but when you visit your neighbor he/she has the item you want. OK, keep it cool. You can steal it anyway. just follow the instructions on this post.

Effects of this cheat:
*Can randomly steal an item from your Neighbor.
*Can randomly sell/use/store the item that you stealed from neighbor.

Tools Needed:
1. Flash Player 9/10 - Click here to Download
2. Mozilla Firefox or Flock - Click here to Download
3. Cheat Engine 5.5 - Click here to Download

Steps to do:
1. Open Farmville.
2. Open your Cheat Engine and Select your Browser.
3. Make sure that you have only 3 items in your red brn and steal 3 items too, so the number of your items and stolen items are both 3.
4. In your farmville go to a neighbor.
5. Wait a moment, make sure all the item from your neighbor’s farm is loaded.
6. Check Enable Speedhack on your Cheat Engine
7. Change the speed value from 1.0 to 0.0 and click Apply.
8. Click the Return Home button on Farmville.
9. You will still be on your neighbors farm, but you will have all the tools.
10. Click on Multi tool.
11. Click on item that you want to steal and click Store Item.
12. Do it on 2 more items (they should be disappearing from neighbours farm while storing them)
13. When you’re done with storing, put the value of time in your cheat engine back from 0.0 to 1.0 click Apply.
14. That should bring you to your own farm.
15. Now you have 6 items in your Red barn (if you done it correctly in the beggining and put only 3 items in the barn)
16. Now, when you have 3 old items(own items) and 3 new ones(stealed items), place the first of your new items on your farm.
17. Sell the second new item.
18. Now you will get an Out of Sync Message.
19. Click accept and after farmville refreshes you shoud have at least one of the items you stole in your red barn.

*If the items that you want to steal do not disappear after clicking "store item” it is not working properly and you will get a message you don’t have enough space in your barn so try again, or try the different neigbor.
*This is a random glitch so try and try.
*If you fail with this try visiting other neighbor or try stealing other item.

2 out of 10 try it works

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