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Ponzi, Inc :: Facebook new game

Click PLAY NOW and start on your corporate empire today!

Ponzi Inc. is a fun business tycoon game where you get to build your corporate empire from the ground up. Compete against your friends to build the biggest company, or hire them to work for you.

Tired of working for others? Wish you could be the one calling the shots? Well Ponzi Inc is hiring and now you have the chance to call the shots!

You will start out with 0 employees, so start hiring! There is a daily limit of 4 friends that you can hire each day. Employees help you complete tasks and you can level up faster and unlock more jobs.

Once you have hired some employees to work for YOU, you can ask them to do any jobs as long as you have the requirements. Certain jobs require more than 1 employees or some office equipment such as a computer. Click DO JOB! and just wait for the timer before collecting your money

Kaching! The cash is now rolling in. Work your way up the corporate ladder.

You can check out your office and upgrade it when you have the cash. Items offers perks such as employee motivation, productivity etc. So always upgrade when you can.

And of course, enlarge your office when you find that your current office is small and dingy. Have fun pwning in the corporate world!

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